The village’s midsummer tradition

Text: Erik Forslund
Translation: Anders Benke

The word midsummer, what joys does it bring? For a long time, it has indeed brought joy through flowers, warmth, bright nights, playing and dancing.

As everywhere else in Sweden, midsummer in Bodarna is a time of joyfull celebration and a time to recharge our
batteries in preparation of the future. Our Maypole has been erected since the end of WW2 – initally, in a rather modest fashion, in “Mases hörn” (“Mase’s corner”) accompanied by barn dancing.

“Mases hörn” remained the Maypole site for a number of years, but as the amount of revelers increased this location gradually became too small. This, together with the potential fire hazard of barn dancing, eventually resulted in a new Maypole site being selected in the late 1940s – this time a location north of “Petter sjöl” and the oasthouse. Here the Maypole has remained ever since, the center of celebrations being carried much the same as before.

The entire village has always contributed, with great joy, to the celebrations. The Maypole has been transported by horse all these years. It should be noted that the village has an economic exchange of considerable dimensions, which for many years payed for all road maintenance expenses. All thanks to voluntary work.

In the beginning, no special permits were necessary, but as the celebrations grew larger permits for various
attractions, lotteries, security guards and so on were required. Security guards could in the early years be
appointed by the village, but were later replaced by licensed professionals.

Hilarious situations arose at times! Someone made security guard Erks Viktor aware that one of the village’s more prominent personalities had been drinking far too much and should be disposed of, nay, jailed! Viktor decided to investigate. He took time his sweet time, but did finally return, saying: “He can manage another one!”.