How to rent the village cabin

Bodarna’s village cabin was built in the late 1980s by village residents. Since then, it has been a very attractive rental. The cabin is suitable for meetings and parties, as well as gymnastics and yoga sessions. It’s perfectly located – close to nature and in the middle of the municipality, with good parking facilities.

For more information, contact the cabin supervisor at (+46) 070 – 62 24 401.

The village cabin has a larger and a smaller room for activities, a kitchen and a sauna. There are also two toilets, one of which is handicap accessible, and a large coatroom. Since we care about our visitors, both a fire extinguisher and a defibrillator are available on site.

Nearby party area

The village party area, equipped with a small cooking facility and a dance floor, lie adjacent to the cabin. The dance floor roof allows for outdoor festivities. The dance floor is also equipped with a stage for music performances and similar activities.

Plenty of space!

The larger of the two activity rooms is suitable as a dance floor, and for multi table dinners. It is also suitable for gymnastics, yoga and similar activities and equipped with 99 chairs as well as a CD stereo player. Should you wish, you can connect your computer/mobile device to the sound system. WIFI is available. For those using hearing aids, an Audio induction loop is availble. Maximum occupancy is 150 people.

Conference room

The smaller activity room is a conference room, featuring a white board, an overhead projector, a flipboard and 14 chairs, though with room for at least six more if need be.

Modern kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped with modern facilities. In here, you will find everything you need to prepare and serve a real feast, as well as clean up afterwards.

Varied pricing

Since it is possible to rent just parts of the cabin and/or party area, rental price varies depending your particular needs. Please contact the cabin supervisor for details about pricing.

Clean up

Everything needed to clean up after yourself, after having enjoyed the cabin facilities, is available, such as a vacuum cleaner, cleaning products and towels.